How To Boost Instagram Likes?

Instagram likes below any post on Instagram, matters more what the actual content is and how much that content deserved to be liked. It leads to a better engagement and a more followers. Instagram is also providing a future of Hiding Like Counts. It is good for people who have insecurities on social media.

How to boost Instagram likes:

  • By posting content that is trending on meme or other online platforms.
  • By using hashtags that is trending or related to post content.
  • By tagging right people or people with more followers but tagging people related to content or people in the content works more on getting more likes.
  • By posting original content and avoiding plagiarism.

What kind of content get more Instagram likes?

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  • Short videos generally get more views as they are less time consuming.
  • Posts that are user interactive get more attention and time and likes.
  • Posting about personal life also get more engagement.
  • Recipe post, craft ideas, and posts that give tips also gets attention and appreciation.
  • Motivational videos, posts, quotes also attract users and more youth generation, generation that is more active on social media.
  • People also earn fame by giving reviews of many things like of food, places, or of celebrity looks.

Fake Instagram likes is not a new word, there are websites from where anyone can buy fake likes, fake followers and can show fake insights. Sometimes they look so real that they are hard to differ from organic likes. But the question is why do people need fake or false likes….Instagram today gives so much more than just a social life but also business platform. That need an Instagram account with good engagement and more follower that could promote their product to a wide audience.

But waiting for real growth and real insight may take time and increase competition in the market. People often go for this shortcut and promote every product they get in order to get audience and win their credibility.



  1. Do likes depend on followers?

ans. If someone with moderate followers doesn’t post daily it may affect their like count.

  1. Do copying content effect on likes?

ans. Copying trending content always increase likes but when things become cringe it can work unlikely.

  1. Why Instagram likes matters a lot?

    ans.  Nowadays single type of content is posted by many users at same time, there is a lot of competition so in the race of good content Instagram likes is the measurement.


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