WATCH: Young courtside fan gets gift of 'earmuffs' for protection from Kevin Garnett's expletives

In what may be the first real-life televised version of the Earmuffs Defense popularized by the film Old School, this young Nets fan probably heard very little of Kevin Garnett's profanity-filled complaints following this foul call during Brooklyn's Christmas matchup against the Chicago Bulls. My goodness KG, don't you think a simple "BAH HUMBUG" would have sufficed?

New memoir reveals Dwight Howard has slept with over 20,000 honey buns

According to an upcoming biography, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard estimates he has slept with over 20,000 honey buns in his life, a shocking revelation that already has critics sounding off. Only a week after reports surfaced that Howard was ingesting the equivalent of 24 Hershey bars a day in candy and soda while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, an excerpt from Bill Plaschke’s biography Saving Superman features this telling excerpt: Howard was unabashed about h[...] continue reading ›

WATCH: Did SIU's basketball coach just deliver the press conference rant of the year?

The Southern Illinois University Salukis are not a good basketball team. In fact, they're downright terrible. So it's perfectly understandable that SIU coach Barry Hinson would be a little testy in his post-game press conference. But as this ESPN highlight shows, Hinson's hilariously unhinged rant goes well beyond a little testy -- in fact, it's downright Dennis Greenesque. Click here for a full audio clip of Hinson's rambling diatribe.

Dez Bryant apologizes for tear-filled exit from team screening of The Notebook

Days after cameras caught Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant leaving the field before the conclusion of their 37-36 loss to the Green Bay Packers, Bryant was forced to apologize to his teammates again, this time for leaving a team screening of the 2004 film The Notebook. According to sources close to the team, Bryant loudly got out of his seat and jogged toward the door immediately following the film’s most emotional scene, in which a woman suffering from dementia can[...] continue reading ›