Al Jefferson confident he can make zero difference in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE – Making his first public appearance as a member of the Bobcats, Al Jefferson expressed utmost confidence that he would make zero difference for his new team. Speaking at a press conference, the 6-foot-10 center said that he couldn’t wait to suit up as a Bobcat, despite being 100 percent certain that his talents would be completely squandered. “I’m excited to go out there and give everything I’ve got, even though I’m aware that nothing I could possibly do coul[...] continue reading ›

Nike ‘Find Your Greatness’ ad depicts sweatshop worker’s relentless commitment to sewing Air Jordans

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Nike’s popular “Find Your Greatness” campaign, which encourages ordinary people to achieve personal moments of athletic glory, released a new ad on Friday depicting one of the multinational corporation’s own employees hard at work. Filmed at a massive sweatshop outside Jakarta, Indonesia, the ad depicts one of the company’s workers relentlessly toiling over a sewing machine for days on end with limited food, water, and sleep, all in pursuit of her drea[...] continue reading ›