WATCH: Young courtside fan gets gift of ‘earmuffs’ for protection from Kevin Garnett’s expletives

In what may be the first real-life televised version of the Earmuffs Defense popularized by the film Old School, this young Nets fan probably heard very little of Kevin Garnett’s profanity-filled complaints following this foul call during Brooklyn’s Christmas matchup against the Chicago Bulls. My goodness KG, don’t you think a simple “BAH HUMBUG” would have sufficed?

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Kobe thanks nation for coming together in light of tragedy he suffered

LOS ANGELES – A week after suffering a career-threatening Achilles tear, Kobe Bryant took to his Facebook page to thank America for coming together in light of his personal tragedy. “It’s been a tremendously difficult week for me, but I’ve been so touched by the way this entire nation has shown its support, both in mourning my tragic Achilles injury and in celebrating my inspirational career,” he stated. “I was so moved by how the fans at that Bruins game honored me with t[...] continue reading ›