Gloria James: “LeBron is better than MJ but worse than Delonte West”

MIAMI – With LeBron James scoring at least 30 points and shooting above 60 percent from the field in his last six games, and with Michael Jordan turning 50 this week, the inevitable question has risen among sports fans as to which player is the greatest of all time. But for James’ mother, Gloria, the answer is neither. “I believe that my son is incredible, better than Jordan, but he ain’t got nothin’ on Delonte West,” Gloria told reporters Wednesday. “Mmmm mmm, nothing [...] continue reading ›

WNBA surges in popularity after teams sign male players

NEW YORK – WNBA president Laurel J. Richie confirmed Friday that the league has been surging in popularity ever since teams began signing male players earlier this season. Speaking at a press conference, Richie reported that ticket sales had nearly quadrupled and that TV ratings had been soaring due to the decision by all 12 teams in the league to include male players on their rosters, which they had previously refrained from doing simply because no one had thought of it. [...] continue reading ›