Watch: Jason Kidd earns Nets an extra timeout by intentionally spilling drink on the court

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Royce White requests trade to Bobcats to escape stress of competitive basketball

HOUSTON – Rockets’ first-round draft pick Royce White has long struggled with a crippling anxiety disorder that makes the rigorous life of a professional athlete almost too much to bear. White had set up a number of safeguards so that he felt secure and stable playing in Houston, but despite the precautions, he announced Friday that he could no longer honor his current contract. “I’m very saddened to announce that at this time it is no longer feasible for me to continue[...] continue reading ›

Ray Allen still pretending it’s not totally fucking bizarre he’s playing for the Heat

MIAMI -- For the 13th straight game, Ray Allen answered reporters' questions at a postgame press conference without ever acknowledging how totally fucking bizarre it is that he plays for the Miami Heat. Allen spoke at length about his Miami teammates, their Southeast Division opponents, and adjusting to South Florida life as if that's all just the kind of shit Ray Allen does on the regular. "We've had a great run this first month because we're sticking to Coach Spoelstr[...] continue reading ›