Michigan running back just now getting up from Jadeveon Clowney hit

TAMPA, Florida – According to sources, Michigan Wolverines running back Vincent Smith is just now getting up from the devastating hit he sustained during the 2013 Outback Bowl from South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Widely considered to be one of the most brutal hits in college football history, Smith suffered the blow late in the fourth quarter and instantly fumbled the ball, leading to a game-changing Gamecocks touchdown. Since the January 1st sh[...] continue reading ›

Will Muschamp threatens to kill tough-to-open pistachio

GAINESVILLE –Gators football coach Will Muschamp flexed his notorious temper Tuesday night in an incident involving a pistachio that just wouldn’t open. Calls were made to Gainesville police at around 10 P.M. by concerned neighbors as Muschamp allegedly paced his front lawn in a murderous raging, making grave threats towards the aforementioned pistachio. “You are a SNACK, and I purchased you so I could EAT you, not so you could insult my manhood and humiliate me in fron[...] continue reading ›