9 new combine drills that would better gauge how prospects would fare in the NFL

1) Linguistics Drill Players are tested on their ability to repeat clichéd interview responses as quickly and cleanly as possible. The gold standard for this drill was set by Deion Sanders, who managed to say, "Great game, both teams played hard, we just believed in ourselves and came out on top," in 2.19 seconds at the 1989 combine. Other players have seen their draft stock drop from poor Linguistics performances, such as Randy Moss, who fell to the 21st pick after drop[...] continue reading ›

Guy posting Kyle Orton highlight videos to Reddit is clearly Kyle Orton

DALLAS – According to visitors to the social news website Reddit, the user responsible for repeatedly submitting highlight videos of Cowboys quarterback Kyle Orton is very clearly Kyle Orton himself. Posting under the alias NFLBenchWarrior, the user presumed to be Orton has submitted dozens upon dozens of Kyle Orton highlight videos over the last year to various popular subreddits such as /r/NFL, /r/sports, /r/KansasCityChiefs, /r/cowboys, and /r/athleticfeats. Each sub[...] continue reading ›