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NBC pulls confusing ads promoting next Sunday’s Manning II -- RG III III matchup

Following the successful promotion of last night’s Denver Broncos – New England Patriots matchup as Manning — Brady XIV, NBC executives were quick to promote next week’s Sunday Night Football game between the New York Giants and Washington Redskins using the same roman numeral format, underscoring the Super Bowl-level importance of the game. However, only hours after debuting a new campaign centered around star quarterbacks Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III, NBC decided to pull the ads — which billed the game as Manning II — RG III III — after realizing how confusing they were to viewers. “Last night’s Manning — Brady XIV was a modern classic — maybe the most exciting game of football this year,” said NBC Sports executive producer Sam Flood. “As such, we at NBC felt compelled to ‘keep a good thing going’ with next week’s great NFC East matchup between two longtime rivals. Unfortunately, the fine folks in creative at NBC failed to realize how difficult that would be with two quarterbacks who need [...]

Tom Brady goes to Craigslist to find new receivers

Tom Brady’s having a rough time adjusting to his new receiver situation. In Thursday’s game against the Jets, he had one of the worst statistical performances of his career, going 19 for 39 and completing fewer than 50 percent of his passes for the first time in four years. Brady was visibly angered by his young receivers, who often struggled to make easy catches and run their routes. If this Craigslist post is any indication, it seems like Brady has had enough.

Patriots sign Tim Tebow as a hybrid quarterback-mascot

A few days ago, the New England Patriots released third-string quarterback Mike Kafka. Yesterday, the team fired the man who dressed for games as Pat Patriot, the team mascot. And today, the team filled both needs with a single player. The New England Patriots announced they have signed free agent quarterback Tim Tebow and intend to use him as a hybrid quarterback-mascot, according to coach Bill Belichick. “I’ve said over and over, I admire three things about Tim Tebow — his versatility, his intelligence, and his character,” Belichick said. “Coincidentally, those are the same three things I’ve admired about Pat Patriot. The second we lost Pat, I knew we had to sign Tim.” Tebow is expected to report to minicamp on Tuesday, where he’ll be reunited with former Broncos head coach and current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He will also meet with Patriots head cheerleaders Alexandria, Allyson and Amber, where he’ll review team chants and cheer protocol. “Tim is known throughout the league as a model teammate, a great [...]

The trademarked phrases of your favorite NFL quarterbacks

News broke today that Robert Griffin III is attempting to trademark a wide array of phrases, indicating that the rookie has ambitions to be not just a marketable athlete but rather a straight-up sports mogul. Some of the phrases he’s trying to claim include “Unbelievably unbelievable,” “Go catch your dream,” “Work hard stay humble,” “Light you up,” and “No pressure no diamonds.” That got us wondering: What phrases have other NFL quarterbacks trademarked? Here’s what we uncovered.  Mark Sanchez – Buttfumble – FUMBLESTRONG – When life gives you lemons, throw them for interceptions John Skelton – HE. COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY. ACTUALLY. JUST. KIDDING. SACKED. FOR. LOSS. OF. TEN. – The few, the proud: my completions – Catch me if you can. (You can’t.) – LEAST MODE Michael Vick – Who let the dogs out, and why am I curb-stomping them? – Winning the war on pugs Eli Manning – I’m a big boy – Live from New York, it’s Saturday night, and I’m at home in my jammies! [...]

Bill Belichick silently cleans knife on sweatshirt for duration of sideline interview

MIAMI – After the Patriots clinched their fourth-straight AFC East title with an unimpressive win over the Dolphins Sunday, head coach Bill Belichick gave a troubling on-field interview to local CBS reporter Michele Magnuson. As his players trickled off to the locker room to celebrate, the 60-year-old silently seethed and cleaned a 12-inch fixed-blade hunting knife on the pocket of his sweatshirt, blatantly ignoring the questions Magnuson posed. Appearing possessed, with his eyes fiercely locked on the camera, he gripped the knife tighter and tighter with each new question. “Coach? Are you listening to me? Hello?” asked Magnuson after he ignored her third straight question about quarterback Tom Brady’s inefficient performance. It could not be determined what the exact substance was that Belichick was cleaning from the knife, or why he would be carrying a knife in the first place, but it certainly wasn’t the first time the coach has exhibited grim behavior on the sideline. Notorious for his severe, joyless demeanor, Belichick rarely takes any outward satisfaction in his [...]