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NFL honors Veterans by refraining from comparing football to war for 24 hours

TAMPA, FL — The NFL and NFLPA continued its long history of honoring veterans and active duty members of the military today by pledging to refrain from hyperbolically comparing football to war for 24 hours on Veterans Day, according to a press release. Along with wearing commemorative hats, gloves, and using camouflage Gatorade towels on the sideline, coaches and players will not refer to rallying the troops, doing battle, going to war, fighting it out in the trenches, or use any other euphemism that suggests grown men playing a sport for millions of dollars can be compared in any way to the men and women who have seen active duty in the United States Military. Greg Schiano, the fiery coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, admitted he was struggling to find the right words to motivate his 0-8 team without relying on well-worn war tropes. “Come on guys, we’ve gotta go out there and play our game, we’ve gotta battle– no wait, dammit,” Schiano said, as he crossed a line [...]

Josh Freeman’s release looking good for once

TAMPA – The consensus among top football analysts Thursday was that quarterback Josh Freeman’s release was actually looking pretty good for once. The 25-year-old had posted dismal numbers through the first leg of the season, with a league-worst 45.7 percent completion rate and a caliber of incompetence under pressure that in recent years has only been statistically rivaled by JaMarcus Russell. His shoddy release, compounded by his chaotic footwork, resulted in dozens of cringe-worthy passes and ultimately a demotion behind rookie QB Mike Glennon. “It’s been a rough go for him so far in 2013, but I actually thought his release was pretty great today,” mused ESPN.com writer Pat Yasinskas. “I think the hostility between him and Greg Schiano had really been taking a toll on his form earlier, but now that they’re seeing eye-to-eye, his release is spot-on.” In recognition of his improvements, the Bucs awarded Freeman with 10 weeks of paid leave Thursday and relaxed his contract requirements, freeing him to sign with another team if he’d like. [...]

Darrelle Revis takes out full-page newspaper ad to tell Jets fans that he hates them

NEW YORK – In response to being traded to the Buccaneers, Darrelle Revis bid adieu to his former team on Monday by taking out a full-page newspaper ad letting both the Jets and their fans know how strongly he hated them. Titled, “To the Jets and Their Stanky-Ass Fans,” the letter ran inside The Star-Ledger’s sports section and extensively detailed the cornerback’s many grievances from his six years in New Jersey. “I’d like to thank the Jets for one thing and one thing only,” Revis’ letter began. “For getting me out of this shithole.” Unlike many franchise players who leave a team and send out a heartfelt thanks for the support of the fans, Revis’ farewell was bitterly critical of the culture of the team and its supporters, referring to the ticketholders as “a bunch of Long Island knuckle-draggers named Enzo,” among other things. “The Jets will never again win a Super Bowl, but maybe they’d come close if their fans would actually support them from kickoff instead of lingering [...]