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Marshawn Lynch rushes 270 yards after seeing scary bug

SEATTLE – Fresh off a strong performance in the Seahawks’ close win over the Redskins, running back Marshawn Lynch showed that he’s always on his game Monday when he rushed for 270 yards after seeing a really scary bug. Walking to his car outside the team’s practice facility, Lynch saw the offending creature scuttling across the parking lot, and he immediately bolted in terror for nearly a fifth of a mile, not slowing down until he was certain the insect wasn’t chomping at his heels. Lynch described the bug as a “mini snake with a zillion legs and alien teeth that hissed at me,” likely indicating that he stumbled upon a common household centipede. While the insect’s appearance can certainly be disconcerting, it’s hard to fathom how an athlete nicknamed “Beast Mode” could be so spooked. Yet Lynch was quick to defend his reaction. “It’s the playoffs, man, I’m not gonna take any unnecessary risks, especially if some spider goblin’s lookin’ up at me with its little antenna things, probably [...]

Good Decisions with Ryan Leaf: Top shelf picks for the wild card round

Playoff Picks And Percocets Welcome back, dudes and possibly dudettes. Your idol, and No. 1 overall pick Ryan Leaf here. First off I’d like to apologize for the break I took last week, as I was advised by my attorney to “lay low” following an incident at a local pharmacy. But enough about that, I’m back up in that ass with your Good Decisions for the week, and guess what… It’s playoffs, playoffs, playoffs. Although it’s my first appearance in the postseason, I guarantee you it will be memorable. *Sniffffff* GIDDY UP! Indianapolis vs. Baltimore I have to say, I don’t really give a shit who wins this one because it’s not the Chargers and I’m pretty high right now, but here goes. The status of Joe Flacco is being held with tight lips from the Ravens brass, but the word from OxyContin Mike is that Joe has come down with a case “slinky arm” or “girl syndrome” as its known in the medical world. Rumor has it that Flacco [...]