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White House denies asking Peyton Manning to say “Obama” instead of “Omaha” during AFC Championship

DENVER – The White House held a press conference today denying rumors that a member of the President’s staff asked Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to consider saying “Obama” instead of Manning’s usual “Omaha” during his pre-snap cadence. The rumor, first reported by Ben Shapiro of breitbart.com, gained steam Thursday after the President said he was rooting for the Broncos in Sunday’s matchup against the New England Patriots. “I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan because he always makes the right call,” Obama said in an interview with ESPN’s Chris Berman. “I may be the leader of the greatest country in the world, but there’s no way I could lead an offense the way he does.” “I’m pretty sure even the NSA couldn’t decode all those audibles he uses before the snap,” Obama added, laughing. “I’m going to listen really closely on Sunday and try my best, though.” Reaction to the rumor was swift among NFL and political pundits alike. ESPN analyst Mike Ditka said he believed President Obama was shamelessly [...]