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Jerry Sandusky deeply offended by Miley Cyrus VMA performance

WAYNESBURG, PA – Speaking from his prison cell on Tuesday, convicted serial child molester and one-time Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky said that he was deeply offended by former child star Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Sandusky, who is serving a 60-year prison sentence for 40 counts of sex crimes with young children, revealed that he was utterly disgusted by the barely legal starlet’s stage antics, which included ‘twerking’ in nude-colored underwear and simulating oral sex acts with a giant foam finger. “Don’t get me wrong, Hannah Montana kept me rock hard for about five years straight,” the 69-year-old noted. “But what Miley did on Sunday was absolutely appalling, and no young person should ever be sexualized in such a grotesque manner.” “And that’s coming from a man who raped numerous children and still to this day fantasizes about anything born after 1992,” he added. Sandusky went on to say that Cyrus might’ve “forever ruined pedophilia” for him, explaining that afterwards he’d replayed [...]