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David Stern looking forward to tonight’s Game 7 preview

MIAMI – NBA Commissioner David Stern walked happily into American Airlines Arena early Tuesday evening, announcing to reporters that he was looking forward to what he termed “tonight’s Game 7 preview.” With disappointing television ratings for the NBA Finals thus far, it’s clearly in Stern’s best interest for the Heat to come back and nab a Game 6 win, setting up a riveting Game 7 series finale. Stern confirmed this much during a pregame press conference. “Listen, I guess the Spurs could technically win the championship tonight, but that’d be kind of boring, wouldn’t it?” he asked, diabolically stroking a hairless cat. “I’m sure San Antonio will do their best to close it out tonight, but something tells me that they’ll find it quite impossible.” Eyebrows were raised Tuesday afternoon when news broke that working Game 6 would be Joey Crawford, a veteran official who was suspended for the 2007 for his “improper conduct and lack of professionalism” in a game towards the Spurs. During this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, [...]