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Russell Wilson's Instagram proves he doesn't know how Roman numerals work [PHOTOS]

Everyone loves Russell Wilson. The newly minted Super Bowl champion is a wholesome Christian quarterback whose social media profiles are filled with Bible verses and hospital visits to sick children. In a widely shared photo, Wilson’s immaculate Instagram feed is compared favorably to that of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the implication being that Wilson’s saint-like personal brand makes him a better person than Kaep, whose photos of tattoos and shoes ¬†feels a bit too hip-hop for mainstream (read: white) America. But Wilson isn’t perfect. Despite winning games, his postseason passing performance left something to be desired. He only finished 7th in QB Rating during the regular season. And, perhaps most damningly, he doesn’t seem to know how Roman numerals work. Unless the Seahawks time-traveled back to 1984, Russell Wilson did not just win Super Bowl XVIII (Super Bowl 18). Now, as commenters pointed out, Wilson may have simply made a typo, mistakenly omitting the L from Super Bowl XLVIII. To err is human, after all. But to err over and [...]