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Ginobili on win: “One day I’ll tell my grandkids about this. Maybe tomorrow.”

SAN ANTONIO – After 18 rigorous years of playing professional basketball, Spurs shooting guard Manu Ginobili surprised fans Sunday night by throwing down an incredible 24 points and 10 assists to help boost his team to a crucial Game 5 win over the Miami Heat. The aging star hadn’t given such a dominant performance in years, and with a long and storied career to look back on, he says that this game just might be the cherry on top. “One day I’ll tell my grandkids about this,” he told reporters at a postgame press conference. “Maybe tomorrow. They’re really cute kids. I think they’d be excited to tell all their friends that their granddad beat LeBron.” Despite his prominent baldness and worn-down frame, on Sunday Ginobili hardly played like the washed-up elderly person that he’s gradually evolved into, riling up the 18,581 fans in attendance with feats that’d be impressive for a man a third his age. Yet with 169 career playoff games under his belt and free agency looming [...]