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Pathetic single dad fails to get chant going on fifth try

CHICAGO – The United Center was electric in the Bulls season opener against the Sacramento Kings Wednesday night, and the fans in attendance made it clear that, with Derrick Rose or not, they’d have their team’s back. One fan in particular, 48-year-old single father Wesley Bosco, tried repeatedly throughout the night to start chants in the upper deck in order to keep the fans excited and to impress his two teenage children, but again and again he failed in increasingly pathetic fashion. Bosco, who is an accountant at a suburban H&R Block, boasted to his kids that he’d been awarded the 300-level tickets for his work on the Gartner account, but in reality he purchased them on StubHub using money he’d put aside to buy a space heater for his cramped bachelor apartment. His kids, 13-year-old Samantha and 15-year-old Keith, were supposed to be at their stepdad’s house for the night, but Bosco traded one of his weekend days so that he might create a special memory with his children. [...]