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Letters from NFL quarterbacks when they were little kids

Last night on Sunday Night Football, we were treated to an adorable letter that Colin Kaepernick wrote in fourth grade, where he predicted that he’d one day be an NFL quarterback for either “the niners or the packers.” JukeLeft’s investigative team has uncovered some other letters that NFL quarterbacks wrote when they were kids, but we can’t say that they’re all as adorable. Tim Tebow Cam Newton Kyle Orton Peyton Manning Chad Henne Jay Cutler

49ers backup QB Alex Smith shows promise of one day developing into starter

SAN FRANCISCO – The life of an NFL backup quarterback can be deeply aggravating. Oftentimes spending months, if not years, of one’s physical prime stranded uselessly on the sideline, the backup QB is expected to give just as much effort to his team as the starter, even though there’s no guarantee that his talents will ever be utilized. Yet for San Francisco 49ers second-stringer Alex Smith, many say that it’s only a matter of time before the 28-year-old elevates himself into a primetime role. Sitting patiently in the shadow of Colin Kaepernick, Smith has been carefully studying the composure and technique of his team’s starter, doing what he can to internally master the quarterback position so that he can one day prove his worth. “It’s been really great for me to learn from Colin, and I feel like being in such close proximity to such a talented quarterback is really beginning to rub off on me,” exclaimed Smith. “While I can’t say that I have the confidence yet, I know [...]