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Chris Paul excelling in role as Clippers GM

LOS ANGELES – The Clippers have agreed to a three year, $21 million deal with former Celtics coach Doc Rivers, marking the highest profile acquisition to date for the team since point guard Chris Paul assumed full duties of the general manager position. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for Paul, who in recent months made strong free agent signings for the team and fired third-year coach Vinny Del Negro. Negotiations to acquire Rivers initially indicated a trade involving multiple draft picks and top-heavy contracts, but sources say Paul was able to shrewdly minimize the Clippers’ end of the bargain to a single draft pick in 2015. “I am pleased to announced that I’ve successfully brokered a deal to welcome Doc Rivers into our organization,” Paul announced at a press conference Monday morning. “I trust that he’ll be a valuable asset for the franchise for years to come, and I look forward to taking him under my wing to assure that he makes a smooth transition into the Clippers family.” Paul [...]

Nuggets allegedly fired George Karl in hopes of pleasing Kosta Koufos

After the Denver Nuggets chose to allow their General Manager and reigning Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri to sign with the Toronto Raptors, fans were mystified. When the team announced today they had fired reigning Coach of the Year George Karl, fans were furious. Now, a source close to the team is claiming that Nuggets executives made both these contentious moves in order to please center fifth-year center Kosta Koufos, who allegedly is being consulted on all personnel moves by the organization. “The Denver Nuggets recognize that this is a league built on superstars, and keeping Kosta appraised of all major personnel decisions is crucial,” the source said. “They’ll have a better chance of retaining him when he’s due for a max contract in 2015 if he’s playing with teammates he likes, a coach he respects, and a general manager committed to winning.” Koufos, who averaged 8.0 points and 6.9 rebounds during 22.4 minutes per game, is viewed by the organization as the cornerstone to a championship contender, according [...]

Dying 8-year-old begs Lob City councilmen to use some of alley-oop budget to build children’s hospital

LOB CITY – At a meeting of the Lob City Council Thursday night, terminally ill 8-year-old Jack Wolcott pleaded with the councilmen to consider allocating some of the city’s alley-oop budget towards building a children’s hospital. Wolcott, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, scooted his wheelchair up to the microphone and issued a compelling argument for why the city should reconsider its basketball-centric economy. “If we want Lob City’s proud heritage of spectacular alley-oops to continue, then we must provide care for the next generation of hoopsters,” stammered Wolcott, pausing briefly to cough up blood. “But if we don’t have a children’s hospital, that simply won’t be possible, because all of us will be dead. Though it’s the nation’s leading exporter of jaw-dropping slam-dunks, Lob City has invested minimally in healthcare, infrastructure, and education. The city devotes 99.5 percent of its annual budget to alley-oops, with the remaining .5 percent going towards road maintenance and miscellaneous basketball supplies. Accordingly, the city’s unemployment rate hovers near 100 percent, as the only [...]