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Nets aiming to be contenders by 2008

NEWARK — Following the blockbuster deal that netted the New Jersey Nets a pair of all-stars in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, team owner Bruce Ratner said he expects the team to be serious title contenders by the 2008 season. “This trade is the biggest thing to happen to New Jersey in years,” Ratner said, as he left the Nets facility in his new Hummer H2 while playing the Amy Winehouse hit “Rehab” on his iPod Mini. “Other than last week’s Sopranos finale, of course.” Ratner added that he believed Pierce and Garnett could form a “Big Three” of sorts with budding superstar Joe Johnson, 25, and that the trio would receive an additional boost from mercurial second-year point guard Deron Williams, 22. Coach Lawrence Frank was similarly excited about the team’s prospects of finally matching up against the top teams in the conference, including the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Toronto Raptors. “With Kevin playing underneath, we should finally have an answer for the Wallaces,” Frank said, referring to [...]

League gives Heat permission to play next round over Skype

MIAMI – According to an official statement from the league, NBA Commissioner David Stern has granted the Miami Heat permission to play the next round of the postseason remotely via Skype. Citing an utter lack of prospective competition, Stern reasoned that to force the Heat players to appear in the flesh would not only be unnecessary but would also compromise the excitement of the two subsequent playoff series. “At this point, the Bulls and the Nets are merely playing for the privilege of being obliterated by the Heat, and if we’re not providing Miami with any viable competition, then we’re not respecting them as the elite athletes they are,” Stern stated. “Plus, we don’t want it to be boring for fans. Viewers will stop watching if they get tired of the Heat always dominating everything.” Already, fans appear to be somewhat jaded by the Heat’s playoff momentum. TV ratings steadily plummeted throughout the first round series, as the Bucks failed to mount any sort of detectable competition. The Heat, however, [...]