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University of Colorado students encourage football team to accept invitation to Smokah Bowl

BOULDER, CO — With only a few weeks left in the college football regular season, students at the University of Colorado held a press conference at 4:20 local time today announcing their hopes that UC Athletic Director Rick George would accept an invitation to the Smokah Bowl on behalf of the football team. Though not generally known as a high-stakes contest, the Smokah Bowl, sponsored by Taco Bell and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, has historically drawn high ratings despite airing at midnight on Adult Swim. “With a 4-6 record and two tough games against USC and Utah, it’s highly unlikely the Buffs will tapped for any other bowls,” said student president Harrison Butler between mouthfuls of Funyuns. “Every season has its ups and downs, but we’ve had quite a few lows lately. Why not end the season on a high note?” Several UC players expressed support for the Smokah Bowl opportunity, and hoped it would lead to more invites down the pipeline. “The Smokah Bowl would really mellow all the harsh [...]

If the BCS determined the outcomes of Disney movies

We all know the BCS isn’t very good at picking bowl matchups, but how would it do if it was in charge of the outcomes of some of the most beloved Disney movies? JukeLeft investigates. Heavyweights Though the boys of Camp Hope rally together to defeat their nemesis, evil fitness guru Tony Perkis, their triumph still doesn’t qualify them for a happy ending. Despite being perhaps the most inspiring summer camp for obese boys in their region, with dominant victories over Self-Loathing and Sedentary Living, another fat camp several miles away still pulls ahead of them in the rankings, even though they’d suffered embarrassing defeats to Stable Blood Pressure and Making Eye Contact With Girls. Camp Hope, then, doesn’t earn a trip to the Apache Relay, and the other fat camp is obliterated at the hands of Camp MVP. The Camp Hope boys—especially the crew from the Chipmunk Cabin—never get the chance to win the relay, and without that extra boost of confidence, they all succumb to their doubts and [...]