Subway removes RG3 from commercials to ensure he’ll be healthy for $5 footlong season

Days after the Washington Redskins announced they were deactivating starting quarterback Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season, sandwich chain Subway announced they too would be sidelining RG3 for the rest of the year to make sure Griffin will be ready for $5 footlong season.

“We are perfectly happy with Robert’s performance, and still believe he’s a franchise spokesman who will represent Subway for years to come,” said Jeff Larson, Subway’s VP of Global Marketing. “However, we felt it best to give Robert a bit of a break for the rest of December so he won’t be worn out when $5 footlong season comes around.”

Larson added that the company would probably rest Griffin until February, known as “Februany” among Subway aficionados for offering any footlong Subway sandwich for only $5, at which point Griffin would retain his role as lead pitchman.

Rumors have swirled that Larson and other members of Subway’s marketing department sidelined Griffin without first consulting CEO Fred DeLuca, possibly in an attempt to get fired. Though Larson denied the claims, Subway’s corporate offices did not issue a press release from DeLuca offering his support, a telling sign.

“People around here are saying the Board of Directors is hoping Larson will resign instead of forcing a massive overhaul of the department,” said a Sandwich Artist who wished to remain anonymous. “Jeff can say he has complete faith in our other pitchmen, but no one’s buying it. Customers aren’t going to Subway because Jay Glazer, Mike Lee or Apollo Anton Ohno told them to.”

Griffin had not commented on the matter, though sources close to the quarterback say he is furious with the decision.

“RG3 is the face of this franchise, and it’s foolish of Subway to think they can replace him with another dozen or so random athletes,” said a friend of Griffin’s who did not want to be named. “If RG3 don’t feel the love soon, he’ll take his talents to another nationwide sandwich chain.”

“I’m just saying, Robert has always been a huge fan of Quiznos,” the friend added. “He has no problem selling toasted subs for another company if he feels like he’s been burned.”

At press time, TMZ published a grainy photo reportedly of Griffin eating at Jimmy John’s.


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