Richie Incognito claims controversial voicemail was meant for friend named Jonathan Hafnegger

In his first substantive comments since being suspended indefinitely by the Miami Dolphins for allegedly bullying teammate Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito claimed he dialed the wrong number when he left a threatening, racist voicemail for Martin, instead intending to leave a message for his good friend Jonathan Hafnegger.

“Though I am deeply sorry for the hurt I have caused my teammate Jonathan Martin with my message, the fact is that I accidentally called the wrong Jon in my phone,” said Incognito, adding that his overly large hands left him especially prone to misdials. “Jon H and Jon M are right next to each other, so I’ve made that mistake a million times. I think I sent Martin a bunch of texts meant for Hafnegger too, actually.”

Incognito also said the highly scrutinized parts of the voicemail where he said he would “[defecate] in your [dang] mouth,” threatened to “slap your mother across the face,” and called the listener a “[Hafnegger] piece of [excrement],” were inside jokes that only Hafnegger would get.

When reached for comment, Hafnegger, who sounded suspiciously like Richie Incognito doing a high-pitched German accent, confirmed that he and Incognito were best friends in high school, and that the contents of the voicemail were longstanding inside jokes between the duo. Hafnegger also asserted several times without prompting that he was a real person.

“Richie has a real crazy sense of humor that not everyone gets,” Hafnegger said, from what sounded like an airport payphone. “Sounds like that Martin kid can’t take a joke. Probably because he’s a stupid half-n– um, hold on, I’ve got another call.”

Moments later, Incognitio returned our reporter’s phone call, and expressed relief when told that Hafnegger had verified his story.

“I’m so grateful for my family, teammates, and my best buddy Jon Hafnegger for supporting me during this trying time,” Incognito said. “I’m looking forward to rejoining the Dolphins and getting back to playing the game I love.”

“By the way, have you guys heard from Martin lately?” Incognito added. “I’ve tried calling him to explain myself, but I think he changed his number or something.”

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