PGA gives Sergio Garcia $50,000 bonus for racist remark

The Professional Golfer’s Association of America awarded Sergio Garcia a $50,000 bonus Wednesday morning in recognition of a racist remark he made towards world No. 1 Tiger Woods.

Garcia made the remark Tuesday night at the European Tour awards dinner, joking that he would give Woods fried chicken at next month’s U.S. Open. While the comment undeniably played off an offensive African-American stereotype, PGA officials insist that it honored the rich traditions of professional golf in the United States.

“We commend Garcia for contributing to the proud history of Caucasian superiority on which professional golf has grown and flourished,” the PGA stated in a press release. “Golf has always been about privileged white people participating in mildly rigorous competition in front of crowds of other privileged white people. We applaud Garcia for being a champion of these ideals.”

This marks the second occasion this year in which Woods has been disparaged for his skin color. The first occurred during The Masters, when Augusta National forced him to use a separate bathroom and water fountain as the other golfers.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Garcia said that he was proud to contribute to the intolerance, though he claimed there were others who were more deserving of the prize money.

“This honor should really go to all the courageous golf clubs around the world that have tirelessly strived to sustain an elitist white culture amidst a rapidly diversifying society,” said Garcia. “Just because I made a racist fried chicken joke doesn’t make me a hero. Heroes are born from actions, not words. And I hope that one day I will be racist enough that young golfers all around the world consider me their hero.”

Garcia’s wish might never come true, however, as it is being reported that numerous golfers have learned of his Spanish heritage and are now uncomfortable regarding him as an equal.

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