WATCH: World-class racist Luis Suarez gets snubbed in handshake line by little girl

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is one of the best soccer players in the world, if not the best. His 40-yard goal against Norwich City is already the stuff of legends. But he's also a well-known racist, who, after returning from an 8-game suspension for yelling slurs at Patrice Evra, refused to shake Evra's hand the next time they played. How fitting, then, that a little girl representing Premier League rival Tottenham would snub the Uruguay superstar in the pregame handshake l[...] continue reading ›

Subway removes RG3 from commercials to ensure he’ll be healthy for $5 footlong season

Days after the Washington Redskins announced they were deactivating starting quarterback Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season, sandwich chain Subway announced they too would be sidelining RG3 for the rest of the year to make sure Griffin will be ready for $5 footlong season. “We are perfectly happy with Robert’s performance, and still believe he’s a franchise spokesman who will represent Subway for years to come," said Jeff Larson, Subway’s VP of Global Marke[...] continue reading ›


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Are on you in need of roblox hack? seeing that at this time is also all of our sweet period we're going to launch on you a review in and around roblox hack, probably the most easiest way for up to for free robux. Roblox-hack-logo Former UPDATE: 32 a few momemts AGO large numbers of are effective is also coping Roblox Hack 2017 acts For free Robux Unlimited use Not an download attractive Is compatible large numbers of product lines Minute output For free Builders[...] continue reading ›

Nick Saban to coach both Texas and Alabama next season

Nick Saban has proven time and again to be up for any challenge college football can throw at him. Now, he’ll face his greatest test yet -- coaching two of the biggest programs in the nation at the same time. The University of Texas and University of Alabama issued a joint statement today announcing that Saban would be head coach of both the Longhorns and Crimson Tide next season, the first such arrangement in NCAA history. The two schools will split Saban’s 4-year, $60 mi[...] continue reading ›

RGIII gruesomely reinjures knee in last-ditch effort to keep starting job

WASHINGTON – Faced with the possibility of sitting the remainder of the season on the sidelines, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III intentionally reinjured his surgically repaired right knee Thursday in hopes that head coach Mike Shanahan would allow him to keep the starting job. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing for the Redskins, it’s that Coach is more inclined to trust me to carry this team if I’m playing with a heightened risk of career-ending injury[...] continue reading ›

Turns out watching 35 ESPNers do Dick Vitale impressions is way more enjoyable than watching Dick Vitale

After 35 years at ESPN, longtime college basketball commentator and resident Duke cheerleader Dick Vitale has coined more than a few catchphrases, some of which are pretty obnoxious to the average hoops viewer. Considerably less obnoxious is watching some of ESPN's on-air personalities do their best Dickie V impressions. For my money, Chris Fowler does the best impression, but Jay Bilas is pretty solid as well. What do you think?

Saints break Guinness crowd noise record vs. Panthers when female streaker runs on field

For the fourth time this season, there is a new crowd noise record. But this time, it wasn’t a PA announcer or Guinness employee who helped New Orleans Saints fans reach the mark -- it was a naked female. After a Guinness-led attempt during the third quarter failed to break the previous noise record of 137.6 decibels set last week by Seattle Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field, fans at the Superdome suddenly roared back to life when an unidentified female streaker hopped a [...] continue reading ›

Brian McCann welcomes Jacoby Ellsbury to Yankees with straight razor, copy of unwritten rules of baseball

Within hours of outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury agreeing to a seven-year, $153 million deal with the New York Yankees, the team’s other new marquee signing, catcher Brian McCann, welcomed the outfielder with a gift basket featuring a sterling silver straight razor and a handwritten copy of the unwritten rules of baseball. McCann, who gained a reputation as a baseball purist last year after several dustups with opponents over perceived unwritten rules violations, said he couldn’[...] continue reading ›

Watch: Peyton Manning faces tough questions from Ron Burgundy on SportsCenter

On what seems like his millionth publicity appearance to promote the upcoming Anchorman sequel, Will Ferrell interviewed Peyton Manning on SportsCenter in character as legendary newscaster Ron Burgundy. Topics include Manning's lack of a mustache, Burgundy's time as quarterback for the San Diego State scout team, and an uncomfortably long set of questions about the Broncos equestrian mascot. Ferrell and co-star David Koechner will be hosting SportsCenter this Thursday as R[...] continue reading ›