Nation’s dads can’t believe refs missed call

The nation’s dads erupted this evening midway through the first quarter of the Super Bowl when referees missed a call so obvious “they would have to be blind not to have seen it” according to irate spouses forced to share the room with them.

“I mean, come on! How do you miss that one, ref? It’s right there on the screen!” the dads shouted, adding that they could just look up on the Jumbotron and see for themselves if they wanted. “There! There it is again! God they totally blew that one.”

“There we go! Finally, these clowns got something right!” the dads added, when the referees made a call that favored their team, one in a series of calls that would ultimately have little impact on the outcome of the game. “It’s about time.”

At press time, the nation’s dads were more than happy to also share their thoughts on the commercials, the uniforms, and Bruno Mars as soon as someone got them another beer.

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