Megatron keeping busy posting cute route patterns on Pinterest

DETROIT – Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, known by fans as Megatron, has some high expectations to live up to this coming season. But Detroit’s $132 million man has discovered some unique methods for coping with the pressure.

Perhaps most surprising, he’s developed an affinity for the social networking platform Pinterest, an idea-sharing website with a predominately female user base.

“Man, once I get pinning, I just get so amped for the games,” explained an excited Johnson. “I keep coming up with the cutest ideas for routes I could run, so I pin ‘em up there, and I’ll usually link them to [quarterback Matthew] Stafford.”

Pinterest allows users to create different “boards” for sharing ideas with friends and followers. Johnson’s boards include “DIY for da crib,” which chronicles his various ideas for trophy cases; “Shoulder Pad Bling!!!!” which shows different ways he’s decorated his shoulder pads; and “Let’s run away from here!” which includes detailed charts of the different routes he plans on running this season.

One route, which he’s titled “Puttin’ on the Sprintz,” involves taking a 45-degree angle beyond coverage, then cutting back towards the middle of the field while twirling a la Mary Poppins. Another, called “I Believe I Can Fly!” requires Johnson to charge up the flank as fast as he can while leaving behind a bright cloud of glitter to document his trajectory.

“Football was getting kind of boring, so I had to spice things up,” Johnson admits. “Run, catch, run, catch, run, catch—it’s like helllooooooo, can’t a guy play with a little pizzazz every once in a while?”

Though his teammates haven’t caught onto his enthusiasm for the social networking site, the 6’ 5” receiver is confident that it’ll soon be all the rage across the league.

“Trust me, when everyone sees how fabulous my touchdowns are this season, and when they see how glam and chic I look making my receptions, they’re bound to follow suit. Yes, this is a man’s game, but who says it always has to be so ugly and brutish and stinky? No fun!”

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