MLB umpires to be erratically profane in support of Tourette’s research

In association with the National Tourette Syndrome Association, Major League Baseball announced Wednesday that on September 20th, umpires across the league will raise awareness for Tourette syndrome by spontaneously bursting into vulgar tirades at various points during their games. Inspired by the success of the pink bats players used earlier in the season for breast cancer awareness, the umpires enthusiastically agreed to participate in the promotion. “We don’t often g[...] continue reading ›

REPORT: CIA ignored warning of Al Qaeda attack on Wrigley Field

LANGLEY, VA – Numerous sources have reported that the US Central Intelligence Agency willfully ignored information that a branch of Al Qaeda was actively plotting to demolish Wrigley Field by detonating crude explosive devices. According to leaked confidential documents, senior members of the CIA were given a videotape in February which depicts Islamist militants in Karachi, Pakistan, actively plotting such an attack, speaking candidly before a hidden camera. “Baseball [...] continue reading ›