Jets admit to losing Greg McElroy in J.C. Penney four months ago

At a press conference Wednesday, New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to account for third-string quarterback Greg McElroy’s whereabouts.

After first denying McElroy’s existence, then insisting that he’d been traded, Tannenbaum made a startling confession to attending media members.

“So the situation on McElroy is, well, we believe we lost him at J.C. Penney a few months back,” said Tannenbaum. “This type of thing has happened before…I know we’d accidentally locked him in a hot car with the windows up once or twice. But we’re pretty sure he might be gone for good this time around.”

With so much attention and scrutiny directed towards Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, Tannenbaum claims that no one in the Jets organization could be reasonably held responsible for keeping tabs on McElroy.

“It’s not like it was intentional or anything. We’re pretty sure the kid was playing in the clothing racks and we just forgot about him. He’s resourceful, though. I’m sure he ended up okay.”

McElroy has reportedly not been seen by family or friends since mid-August. There are rumors that the 24-year-old ended up taking a job in the J.C. Penney’s customer service department, but these would i know if i had herpes claims could not be substantiated. Security footage from the store could not be obtained, as it had been taped over with various television features on Tebow.

Accordingly, the Jets will simply have to trust that their assumption is correct and hope that McElroy will eventually make his way back to the team.

“It’s unfortunate, but sometimes these sorts of things happen to your lesser players,” said Jets head coach Rex Ryan. “We lost Greg for probably three weeks after preseason last year. Turns out he’d been buried under a pile of my sweater vests. I’m sure he’ll show up again in due time.”

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