Natalee Holloway discovered playing for WNBA team

CHICAGO - Over seven years after her disappearance in Aruba, leading to an international media sensation, Natalee Holloway was discovered on Wednesday playing basketball for the Chicago Sky of the WNBA. The now-25-year-old woman, who had legally been declared dead earlier this year, has allegedly been playing professional basketball undetected for the last several years. Yet due to the widespread lack of interest in the WNBA, investigators insist that there is no way they [...] continue reading ›

Inspired by Jay-Z, Charlotte Bobcats offer MC Hammer ownership stake

CHARLOTTE – After a historically bad 2011-12 season, the Charlotte Bobcats are looking to bring in new blood to rejuvenate the battered franchise. Inspired by the swagger that hip-hop mogul Jay-Z brought to the Brooklyn Nets, the team has reached out to early ‘90s rap superstar MC Hammer to come do something similar. Team owner Michael Jordan believes it’s a bold move that will revitalize the fan base and give the players something to be excited about. “Just like Hammer[...] continue reading ›