Juke Vids

Lesser-known Matt Christopher books

If you’re a male who grew up in America, chances are you used to read Matt Christopher books. Most of the books had more or less the same premise: Something unusual or supernatural happens to a kid where he’s suddenly freakishly good at baseball or football, but once he finally gets his team to the big game, his talent disappears and he must look inside his heart to win the championship. Warm fuzzies for all. More than a hundred of the books were published over the years, but a handful of them never actually made it to bookshelves. JukeLeft’s investigative team was able to obtain some of these lesser-known titles, and we found they weren’t exactly as heartwarming as we expected. “Hardwood Hero” “Hardwood Hero” is about 11-year-old Alfie Moreno, a promising young wheelchair basketball player who can take any player in his school one-on-one, even if they have full use of their legs. This makes the other kids jealous, so they challenge him to a tournament, where they cheat [...]